Communicate This: Roasted Tomato & Herbed Feta Salad

Welp, the search is over; I met a man this week. A lovely, beautifully articulate man dressed in scholar brown and plaid and he touched me…right in the soul.

Well, okay, I didn’t technically “meet” him, he was a speaker at our staff meeting this quarter, but we connected. Not a connection in the traditional sense since technically we never actually spoke…or made eye contact, but it was there. It was palpable. A distinct cosmic connection, that I can assure you. Continue reading


Like Cheese Curds But Betta: Cauliflower Crusted Feta Bites

The planning and execution of this recipe took the better part of an evening. The naming and title-making of this blog post has taken DAYS. In all honestly, I had this whole post pretty much wrapped up weeks ago and had only paused on publishing it because I couldn’t think of a snappy title.

∗Enter stage left: friend helpers/title writing think-tankers∗ Continue reading


Be Your Best Nude: How To Rock A Nude Lip

For years, yes YEARS, I’ve been on a biblical scale hunt for the holiest of all lip products. The Nude.

Seems simple right?? Find a lip color aptly named “nude”. Put it on. Look fabulous.

Ha. That’s a fun joke.  Continue reading

Gluten Free Zucchini Muffins

Lie To Me: Faux Apple Cinnamon Streusel Muffins

Sometimes lying is bad. The jerk losers who dicked me around during a routine oil change that ended up putting my sweet little Kia into the Car ER? Bad lie. Probably the reason car guys have a lousey rep. All of the lying done by a few bad apples.

Other times, a little lie is super-excellent. Take for instance the muffins referenced in this blog title. Seemingly harmless breakfast or cake in a convenient wrapper?  Who knows?! Continue reading